Pepper Café

Pepper Café is a proudly South African, 100% black, women-owned catering company based in Gauteng Province. We focus on gourmet cuisine and the finer details of event execution. 



Nova is a digital product agency that innovates for enterprises & startups. Our digital storytellers are ready to build websites, apps & product experiences.

The Entitled Lot

The Entitled Lot is a Film and Television studio. We specialize in the creation of content in partnership with the industry’s foremost creative talent.

SA Vert

SA Vert is a conservation based solutions company with a major interest in developing the sustainability of energy. We provide solutions for solar cells, in home solar systems and recycled materials as well: providing bricks which are also part plastic – reducing the south African plastic waste churned out yearly.


Zario Furniture Design builds furniture that aims at versatility. We create pieces which perform a variety of functions most important of which is that they give you space to grow your plants in otherwise unused spaces, with lights and irrigation accounted for.