About Us

The Collective Group is an conglomerate company which uses the group holdings structure to assist in propelling young entrepreneurs forward and giving them access to resources which will allow them to start subsidiary companies which specifically targets the South African – as well as African – needs and look for ways to benefit the South African economy and empower Africa as a whole.

We are pushing for a change in the way in which we regard our planet as well as the way that we engage with society, as we believe the most important thing in growing the success of Africa on a global scale and in making contributions to our global village is one and the same; empathetic pursuit of our ideas. It is only through wholly engaging with the problems that we can contribute meaningful solutions and we believe that industry should be no bar as it is the collaboration of minds that achieves the most comprehensive solution.

Our offering is creative minds which are also skilled at research and development of business solutions, marketing and strategy, web design, graphic solutions, it solutions, furniture and lighting, in home hydroponics grows, energy solutions, film packages, catering, other entertainment based services such as musical performance packages and artist growth and management services.

It is only through nurturing new talent that we can succeed. Our aim is to find companies, which have a real and novel offering, and helping them grow into their niche or mass markets as is appropriate. With 80% of South African business said to fail in the first year, the best way to grow our markets is by pooling resources, information being the most vital of all of them.

The point that we are pushing towards is aimed at mobilising the SMME or small business sector and independent single entrepreneur businesses our solutions however are targeted at an array of different customers, stratified by business. Using an approach which aims at recovering the investment in slightly longer periods than is conventionally used we aim to growth businesses into much more profitable investments.